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blood + water in 2.05 Mukozuke

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Women of Marvel (Posters)


*knocks on door*

person: who is it


who don’t believe in anything

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Bucky being all repentant and wanting to atone for his crimes and willing to take any punishment required until he’s told he’s going to be training the Young Avengers. Then he’s firmly in fuck this shit I was brainwashed I don’t deserve this I don’t deserve this…



“Starting to root for this guy” as in “They sent me to kill her and I made another call” kind of root for this guy? Did he and Coulson make a deal after the whole whoops-Black-Widow-is-now-an-asset-sorry-Coulson deal where Coulson made Hawkeye promise to tell him when he started rooting for the person he was supposed to shoot in the head? How many times has this been a problem for Hawkeye? Is he, like, known in SHIELD for being the agent who might adopt the target you sent him to kill?

I firmly believe that this is what happened with him and Natasha. Like, Fury gives Clint the order, the next thing he knows Barton’s dragging Natasha in being like BOSS CAN I PLEASE KEEP HER I PROMISE TO CLEAN UP ANY BODY PARTS SHE LEAVES LYING AROUND PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEEEASE

"He speaks like 13 languages. It’s like what!?! I hate you!"

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On your left.

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Iron Man 3: Maya Hansen dies, really
Thor 2: Frigga dies, really
The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Gwen Stacy dies, really
98% of the females in X-Men:Days of Future Past: Dead, really
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Victoria Hand dies, really


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I’ve come to the conclusion that Sam and Dean would take one look at Night Vale and burn it to the ground, civilians be damned.

i’ve come to the conclusion sam and dean would drive into night vale and spontaneously combust from being exposed to sexual and racial diversity and women who don’t die within a week



Random How to Train Your Dragon 2 Caps

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If Hugh Jackman can deadlift 405 pounds, he shouldn’t have settled merely for Marius. He could’ve picked up Enjolras as well. You know what, add Eponine. Street gamines can’t possibly weigh that much. Man let’s just add the whole of Les Amis (including Gavroche). It’s Hugh Jackman. He can take it. 

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D AU

 Back from the dead, SHIELD Agent Jean Valjean requisitions a mobile command unit and puts together a hand picked team of specialists off to save the world from the world they don’t yet understand.

There’s Enjolras, a specialist operative who can only be described ‘lacking people skills’, though he makes up for it in dedication to the cause. Marius Pont and Cosette Mercy, from Sci-Ops, he’s engineering she’s bio-chem. They’re rarely one without the other. Then Fantine, pilot and weapons specialist, they go way back, but she’s just there to drive the bus.

On the way, they pick up Éponine, a hacker working for the Thenardier Group believed to be linked to the Patron-Minette. Can they take down the group that’s firing at them from all sides? Can they trust SHIELD, their supervising officers, Agent Javert, Director Lemarque? Can they even trust each other?

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Times Tumblr Raised Serious Questions About “Harry Potter”